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VR STUDIOS has been producing high-end architectural visualisation work for the past twenty years. We have developed a clear and precise methodology to construct photomontages which are truly verifiable and can withstand the scrutiny of both the planning authorities and the public.

That is the reason why our visualisation portfolio features work commissioned by, amongst others, MEPA, Enemalta, Transport Malta, iAS, TBA, AOM partnership, Arcus Consulting, Evelop and Circle Design Consultants. VRS serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside service company.

We do not however rest on our laurels. With opportunities in the web, mobile and gaming sectors, VRS is continuously improving and offering new services. In this respect we are offering a range of courses which benefit the beginners and professionals alike. Our students will be able to benefit from years of experience from one of the leading visualisation companies and consequently cut down on the time and costs spent on learning.

Our aim is to put our experience to the best use in order to be versatile, innovative and consequently offer a high quality service to our clients.

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