Advanced exterior visualisations in 3ds max



In this programme we will learn how to create exterior visualizations from start to finish. We will go through several different stages including modelling and vegetation, texturing, lighting and post-production where you will learn couple of techniques about how to make our renders looks better and more appealing.

This programme covers all the topics covered in PROGRAMME 1 with additional topics covering advanced modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering techniques. During the lessons, comprehensive use is made of some of the most important plugins in the industry.


  • Understanding the basics of 3d modelling
    • Understanding the 3ds Max interface
    • Define different terminologies used in 3d modelling and 3d modelling software
  • Modelling a building complete with surroundings in 3d
    • Preparing the scale and layers
    • Importing drawings
    • Creating the walls and apertures
    • Modifying the size of the rooms and apertures
    • Adding apertures
    • Creating terrain derived either from contours or from GIS data
    • Creating roads complete with line-markings and traffic signs
    • Creating custom made street furniture using advanced modelling techniques
    • Overview of the most important third party plugins and scripts
    • Adding static and animated people using third party plugins
    • Adding static and animated trees and plants using third party plugins
  • Texturing, lighting and rendering
    • Lighting the scene using standard lights and V-Ray
    • Applying standard and V-Ray materials to the scene using procedural textures
    •  Rendering still images using the Default Scanline Renderer and V-Ray
    • Rendering walk-throughs using the Default Scanline Renderer and V-Ray
    • Post-Production
    • Using Adobe Photoshop to improve our renders

Cost per student: €300.00 (this includes tuition, notes, course work)
Hours of total learning: 18 (6 lessons of 3 hours each)

Portfolio and Project files included

Software used: 3ds Max
Course requirements: Basic knowledge of 2d CAD software; students to have their own laptop and 3ds Max and V-Ray installed
Minimum / Maximum number of students per class: 5 / 10