You may be new to 3D graphics or you may have successfully concluded an assignment at university or a project at work but you lack that particular skill that makes the final presentation stand out from others.

You may have gained the experience in using 3D and graphic design software but haven’t had the time to experiment with the latest techniques which are constantly developing in this vast sector.

You are looking for a job but you haven’t had the opportunity to work on a diversity of projects; all you have is your certificate and you need to impress your potential employer by it.

This is an opportunity for you to go one step further and create that environment with a difference. Improve your lighting, interiors and landscapes; create different scenes and materials without crashing your computer and waste ample time in rendering. By choosing one of the courses offered by VRS, you will have the opportunity to learn how to produce high quality images and animations. The projects created during the coursework will be used in order to create a portfolio where your skills and expertise will be exhibited professionally.