Quick start to creating exterior visualisations in 3ds max



We’ll begin this course by looking at the various types of geometry available to you, how to organize your model into hierarchies and keep your scene clean and efficient.

We’ll also take a look at several modeling tools, including polygonal tools like extrude and the swift loop tool for adding resolution, spline modeling techniques to create smooth surfaces, and many other tools and techniques. We’ll take a look at using a smoothing or subdivision workflow and use modifiers to help shape our models.

No 3d model is complete without good materials and lighting. You will learn how to work with the material editor and apply different material types at the correct scale to the building. We’ll particularly look into standard materials, multi-sub materials and composite materials. We will then light the scene by means of omni lights and direct lights complete with shadows. Finally we will place a few cameras into the scene and output the rendered image into a tiff file.


  • Understanding the basics of 3d modelling
  • Understanding the 3ds Max interface
  • Define different terminologies used in 3d modelling and 3d modelling software
  • Modelling a small house in 3d
  • Preparing the scale and layers
  • Importing drawings
  • Creating the walls and apertures
  • Modifying the size of the rooms and apertures
  • Adding apertures and furniture
  • Adding trees and plants
  • Finalising the model
  • Lighting the scene with standard lights
  • Applying standard materials to the scene
  • Rendering still images using the Default Scanline Renderer
  • Rendering walk-throughs using the Default Scanline Renderer

Cost per student: €250.00 (this includes tuition, notes, course work)]
Hours of total learning: 18 (6 lessons of 3 hours each)

Portfolio & Project files included

Software used: 3ds Max
Course requirements: Basic knowledge of 2d CAD software; students to have their own laptop and 3ds Max installed
Minimum / Maximum number of students per class: 5 / 10