Introduction to modelling for games in 3ds max



In this course we will get an introduction to the modeling pipeline for games.

Before we start modelling the low polygon version of the car, the students are shown how to organize our high-poly model and how to separate its parts to create an exploded version of the model.

Then we proceed to modelling the low polygon car and discuss many of the key tools and techniques for game modelling including how to reuse models from the high-polygon version and using the Graphite Modeling tools to retopologize.

Upon completing the modelling, we proceed to unwrapping our low-polygon version and learn how to bake maps that will give us the high-poly look we desire on our low-poly model.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to model for video games and you’ll have all the skills you need to begin creating your own game models.


  • Modelling the car
    • Overview of the game modelling pipeline
    • Organising and exploding the high polygon version
    • Modelling the individual elements of the car
    • Reusing the high poly geometry
    • Retopologizing the car shell
  • Unwrapping, Combining and Packing UV’s
    • Unwrapping the individual elements of the car
    • Combining and packing the UV’s
  • Baking and assembling
    • Finalising the normal map
    • Assembling the low poly car
    • Baking the ambient occlusion map

Cost per student: €250.00 (this includes tuition, notes, course work)
Hours of total learning: 18 (6 lessons of 3 hours each)

Portfolio and Project files included

Software used: 3ds Max
Course requirements: Basic knowledge of 2d CAD software; students to have their own laptop and 3ds Max and V-Ray installed
Minimum / Maximum number of students per class: 5 / 10