Postproduction for ArchVIZ artists


Postproduction for ArchVIZ artists – using DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design

The Unlock Your Potential: Beginner’s Edition Course

Creating a flythrough, whether for interiors or exteriors, requires time. Frequently, targets are overlooked due to last-minute design alterations or inadequate communication. However, DaVinci Resolve’s Color and Fusion page can be transformative, turning seemingly insurmountable challenges into achievable feats.

This live course is designed to take you from complete beginner to being able to produce stunning flythroughs. Whether you renderer of choice is Lumion, VRay or Corona, our workshops will further enhance your skillset by working on real-life examples in a collaborative environment. This program has been intuitively designed to fast-track your learning and to make it exciting to anyone who wants to be successful in the world of Architectural Visualisation.

What you will learn in this course

LESSON A01An overview of the DaVinci Resolve Colour Page Interface
LESSON A02Primary & Secondary Colour Corrections
LESSON A03Noise reduction, Colour Warper and Masking
LESSON A04Being Creative with Colour and Effects
LESSON B01Introduction to the DaVinci Fusion Interface and the advantages of
 working in a node-based environment
LESSON B02Creating text, vector shapes, masks and keyframes
 Manipulating animations with the Spline and the Keyframe Editor
  Exercise: Create a simple animated clip
LESSON B03Rotoscoping tools and techniques
 Exercise: Create an animated mask on a movie clip
LESSON B04Understanding The Luma Keyer
  Exercise: Replace a cloudy sky with a blue sky
  Exercise: Adding a matte painting to a scene
  Exercise: Replacing screens
LESSON B05Advanced keying with the Delta Keyer
  Exercise: Compositing a scene with Green Screen content
LESSON B06Unleashing the power of the Paint Tools
  Exercise: Removing unwanted objects from movie clips
LESSON B07Tracking moving by using the Point Tracker and the 2D Tracker
  Exercise: Attach beam lights to a moving car
  Exercise: Projecting an image on a high-rise building
LESSON B08File formats for VFX and Compositing
 Colour Depth, Banding, Noise and Error Diffusion
 Colour Spaces, Log and Gamma
 Colour Management
 Using the Linear Workflow
LESSON B09Setting up a 3D scene using Text 3D, Image Planes, Shapes,
 Cameras and Lights
  Exercise: Create a 3D broadcast animated graphics scene – part 1
LESSON B10Adding and manipulating 3D particle systems
  Exercise: Create a 3D broadcast animated graphics scene – part 2
LESSON B11The 3D Camera Tracker and 3D Object Placement
  Exercise: Combine 2d and 3D objects within a movie scene
LESSON B12Loading rendered multipass EXR files created in 3rd party 3d
 software into Fusion
 Creating a beauty pass from imported EXR files
  Exercise: Composite multipass EXR files within a movie scene
LESSON B13Importing Camera and FBX Meshes from third party 3D Modelling
 Camera Set Extension using Camera Projection
LESSON B14Using the Z-buffer and Depth Effects
 The Optical flow tool and Vector Passes
  Exercise: Composite multipass EXR files with 3D imported geometry
  within a camera-projected scene
  Composite multipass EXR files with 3D imported geometry within a
  movie scene
LESSON B15Noise and Grain
 Matching Colour
 Defocus and Bloom Effects
 Lens Distortion
 Edge Blur and Light Wrap

Software used during the course

DaVinci Resolve, Fusion Studio

Course prerequisites

Basic working knowledge of 2d graphics software such as Photoshop

Course duration

24 Hours

Course delivery method

On-line + Hands-on Practice

Course fee

€840.00 + VAT